There will be four AURORA-meetings during the first year, and two meetings during the second year.



Kick-off for AURORA Outstanding took place on September 4, 2018,
at 11 – 13 at Árdna, UiT

September 4, 2018

kl 11.00-13.00

UiT, Tromsø


The first AURORA meeting – Getting to know each other

The main aim of this first meeting is for the participants to get to know each other. The participants will present themselves; their background, research interests; their movitation for participation and their expectations for the program; their goals; and three must-do-things in order to achieve their goals.

September 24 – 25, 2018

Skansen, Tromsø


The second AURORA meeting – Research Leadership Skills

The main aim of this second meeting is to focus on individual research leadership skills. The participants will have finished a Jungian Type Index (JTI) personality test in advance; they will get a better understanding of their own preferences, skills, strengths and weaknesses as leaders. They will learn how to build a successful research group, and how to achieve improved communication and cooperation with people from other cultures. There will be a teambuilding activity at Skarvens Kulinariske Teater in the evening.

November 14, 2018

10.30 – 21.00

UiT – Teorifagbygget house 1,
room 1.413


The third AURORA meeting – ERC & Soft Skills Training

We have put together a one day programma with four sessions of training to address the key skills needed by young ERC applicants for their future careers as successful European researcher leaders. All sessions are designed to be interactive and comprise a number of group exercises and role playing so that the course material is supported by practical experiences.

Session 1:  The ERC Starting Grant
Session 2:  Persuasive Writing
Session 3:  Strengthening your CV
Session 4:  Integrating RRI

February 7, 2019

08.45 – 17.00

UiT – Teorifagbygget house 1,
room 1.417