About AURORA Outstanding



AURORA Outstanding is a cooperation between UiT The Arctic Univeristy of Norway and Tromsø Research Foundation (TFS). The program is aimed at giving outstanding academic fellows the opportunity to enhance their career at UiT towards becoming a leader of an internationally recognized research group, and to strengthen their opportunity to gain external funding. The multidisciplinary and multisectorial training will provide them with skills needed for bridging the gap between academic research and industrial innovation. AURORA will include social gatherings every year, to ensure that the fellows will get to know each other across disciplinary boundaries.

AURORA Outstanding Participants 2018 - 2020


There are 15 participants during the first cycle (2018-2020). Criteria for invitation for participation for this first cycle is a) TFS StG scholarship; b) MSCA-IF fellows at UiT; c) ERC StG fellows from H2020, including those who were invited to stage 2 in the evaluation process; d) other outstanding fellows who have recently been recruited to UiT on similar criteria. Other criteria may be added from 2020.

The Arcitecture

Each AURORA program cycle runs for two years, with new participants every second year.

During the first year, the fellows will be able to attend courses, get transferable skills training, and attend social gatherings. During the second year of the program, they will focus further on their CDP with their mentors. They may apply for funding from our operative AURORA-fund during both years. The funding may be used for career development activities according to their CDP.

There will be four AURORA-meetings during the first year, and two meetings during the second year. In addition, the fellows can choose from a variety of open courses at UiT, including courses on transferable skills given at High North Academy (HNA: https://site.uit.no/hna/).

Role of Mentors

An important element of the program is internal and international mentoring. Each of the participants will be assigned both an internal (career) and an international (academic) mentor.

The main task of the internal UiT mentor will be to contribute to the career development, including clarifying career goals and career opportunities at UiT, and to discuss national funding opportunities. The internal mentoring will help the candidates to learn more about UiT and help them integrate further at UiT, building interdisciplinary relationships and networks.

The main task of the international mentor is to help the participant prepare a Career Development Plan (CDP) for the program period and beyond, including a plan for publication, international collaboration, and for competing for prestigious research grants, such as ERC. An important element in the plan is to identify the unique contribution of the fellows to the respective research fields.

Mentoring is specifically aimed to enable the participants to meet the professional expectations and performance objectives within their career track; to identify gaps in their Career Development Plans; and how to establish long-term career objectives.

Operative Funds

During both years of the first cycle (2018-2020), the fellows may apply for funding from our operative AURORA-fund.

The funding may be used for career development activities according to their CV or Career Development Plan (CDP).

Please use this application form to apply for funding.